• Learning Go

    Oldies are Goldies

    Seems like every time I set out to learn a new language, framework, etc I end up rebuilding DVD Pila!. It’s worked out because the modeling is simple as far as the database goes.

    Also, there’s not too much JavaScript on the front-end. Though the very first version of DVD Pila! was developed as a single-page-app using EmberJS.

    In versions since the JavaScript/CoffeeScript has been limited to manipulating video playback and AJAX calls to update playback time for videos.

  • Enemy Mine

    Remember That Movie From The 80s

    Coming up with the title or this post made me remember that movie Enemy, Mine from the 80s. I think it was starring Dennis Quaid and Lewis Gossit Jr. They were enemies crash landed on a hostile deserted world and had to work together to survive. Then of course they become friends and have a bunch of adventures.

    Interesting that they were both starship pilots and I’m working on a space shooter game… cause you know I liked them when I was a kid… in the 80s…

  • Hitting Things With Lasers

    A Hit, A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit

    We’ve got lasers firing and astroids asteroiding, or whatever it is they do, so now we need to be able to actually hit objects with our lasers. And the reverse, to know when an object has been hit by a laser, or another object for that matter.

    Since starting this foray into game development I’ve continually been impressed about how supportive and helpful the Pico-8 community is. The forums have loads of great posts with comments that are usually helpful and questions ask to help someones understanding. Very fun to be a part of it in whatever small way I can.

  • You're Not Going Into The Asteroid Field?

    Space Rocks

    Adding asteroids to the mix seems like a good idea. They don’t have bullets (hopefully) so they should be relatively easy to have float down the screen. Then again maybe they’ll come into the the scene from any angle… haven’t really decided on that part yet.

    I think using the same type of object with an update method and an “array” of objects as we used with the bullets/lasers should work for asteroids too.

  • Rise Of The State Machine

    Refactor Fun

    After reading more of the Pico-8 Zine 2 it’s crazy obvious that I should use a “Finite State Machine” to control the hero ship, enemies, etc. I’ve been looking through the code of the iconic P.A.T. Shooter and it seems a state machine is used to keep track of everything.

    It makes sense and it seems to allow for more “portable” functions. As in hey this function is great I can totally use it pretty much as is in a whole other project. Yay, me! Yay, us guys! (at least that’s what I want to say)