Oldies are Goldies

Seems like every time I set out to learn a new language, framework, etc I end up rebuilding DVD Pila!. It’s worked out because the modeling is simple as far as the database goes.

Also, there’s not too much JavaScript on the front-end. Though the very first version of DVD Pila! was developed as a single-page-app using EmberJS.

In versions since the JavaScript/CoffeeScript has been limited to manipulating video playback and AJAX calls to update playback time for videos.

Why Another Rewrite?

The last rewrite of DVD Pila! was a Node + Express + MongoDB web app. The backend also used Mongoose for some more ORM type functionality.

This time around I’m going to develop the app using Go.

I started learning Go because in my day job there’s a need to fetch a bunch of data from an external API. To get one “object” from the API needs 3 - 4 AJAX calls which causes the script to take forever to complete.

The Go language has great concurrency features, or at least it makes it easy to fumble your way through getting the process of multi-process.

Let’s Go

Come along with me on this wonderous journey of self discovery and enlightenment. Or maybe it’ll be a big hairy mess full of fumbling and disappointment…

Time will tell, but so far learning Go has been a lot of fun. Developing web apps in Go is a little confusing for me at the moment, but it may also be simply the new language and all that.

Party On!