• Firing Freakin Lasers


    When I hear the word FIRE (all caps necessary) I always think of Captain Kirk at the end of Undiscovered Country:

    And it’s now time to make our hero ship fire it’s own weapons. In this case we’ll start with lasers and go from there. Thinking to have some type of bomb/missile to add a little extra kick to our plucky hero.

    Plucky, ya definitely plucky!

  • Exhausting Exhaust

    Making Exhaust Look Good

    Using a straight up sprite for an exhaust trail didn’t look that cool to me. Similar space shooter games have different ways of animating fire/exhaust coming out of a ship, but I really like the “sparkly” effect in games like Cave Berries when the eye laser hits something.

    Brief flashes of bright pixels are surprisingly satisfying…

  • Moving The Hero


    I learned how to move an “object”/”pixels” around the screen while working through the Pico-8 Zine paddle game example. It seems to work well and I was quickly able to move the paddle back and forth. Very satisfying.

    While looking at the source of other games I noticed they used a pretty similar approach. One thing they did use that seems more segmented is to use Tables to create key/value pairs for attributes of an object.

    Coming from web development this looks suspiciously like an object…

  • Getting Started with Pico-8

    Discovery, or The Future is in the Past

    For a few months I’ve been chewing on the idea of developing a 8 bit style game to run on Raspberry Pi alongside old ROMS from major game developers. I was thinking the idea was original, but after some reflection I realize I must have picked it up somewhere…

    I ordered a C.H.I.P (well okay a couple of them) back in like November and read up on the PocketCHIP about the same time. While reading about PocketCHIP I read, and probably even watched some videos, about the Pico-8 fantasy console. I think that was my first exposure to Pico-8.

    This is when I think I internalized the idea of a “brand new” pixelated “game engine” for developing games that run on low end hardware.

    I am so glad that Zep and Lexaloffle did the hard work and developed such a cool platform for others to play in.

  • DVD Pila! Remote Project Setup

    Remote Control with Web Sockets

    After learning a little bit of and adding web sockets to DVD Pila! I’ve been working on a React Native app to be a remote control for DVD Pila!.

    The thought being that the remote app will connect to the server’s web socket and send messages for controlling the playback of videos.

    Seems like a good theory…