• Exhausting Exhaust

    Making Exhaust Look Good

    Using a straight up sprite for an exhaust trail didn’t look that cool to me. Similar space shooter games have different ways of animating fire/exhaust coming out of a ship, but I really like the “sparkly” effect in games like Cave Berries when the eye laser hits something.

    Brief flashes of bright pixels are surprisingly satisfying…

  • Moving The Hero


    I learned how to move an “object”/”pixels” around the screen while working through the Pico-8 Zine paddle game example. It seems to work well and I was quickly able to move the paddle back and forth. Very satisfying.

    While looking at the source of other games I noticed they used a pretty similar approach. One thing they did use that seems more segmented is to use Tables to create key/value pairs for attributes of an object.

    Coming from web development this looks suspiciously like an object…

  • Getting Started with Pico-8

    Discovery, or The Future is in the Past

    For a few months I’ve been chewing on the idea of developing a 8 bit style game to run on Raspberry Pi alongside old ROMS from major game developers. I was thinking the idea was original, but after some reflection I realize I must have picked it up somewhere…

    I ordered a C.H.I.P (well okay a couple of them) back in like November and read up on the PocketCHIP about the same time. While reading about PocketCHIP I read, and probably even watched some videos, about the Pico-8 fantasy console. I think that was my first exposure to Pico-8.

    This is when I think I internalized the idea of a “brand new” pixelated “game engine” for developing games that run on low end hardware.

    I am so glad that Zep and Lexaloffle did the hard work and developed such a cool platform for others to play in.

  • DVD Pila! Remote Project Setup

    Remote Control with Web Sockets

    After learning a little bit of and adding web sockets to DVD Pila! I’ve been working on a React Native app to be a remote control for DVD Pila!.

    The thought being that the remote app will connect to the server’s web socket and send messages for controlling the playback of videos.

    Seems like a good theory…

  • Google Form Dropdown Choices

    Forms Forms Forms

    Seems like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get away from forms. Web forms, paper forms, mobile forms, etc… they’re absolutely everywhere.

    I guess that’s what comes from the need to collect data. And the whole Internet thing with browsers sending data back to the server and what not.

    I recently brought on a new client that needs help with scheduling a series of appointments and adding them to a calendar. Since they use Google Calendar, Gmail, etc I thought it’d be pretty easy to setup a simple Google Form backed by a Google Sheet to collect data.

    It was pretty simple once I dove in…