• Google Form Dropdown Choices

    Forms Forms Forms

    Seems like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get away from forms. Web forms, paper forms, mobile forms, etc… they’re absolutely everywhere.

    I guess that’s what comes from the need to collect data. And the whole Internet thing with browsers sending data back to the server and what not.

    I recently brought on a new client that needs help with scheduling a series of appointments and adding them to a calendar. Since they use Google Calendar, Gmail, etc I thought it’d be pretty easy to setup a simple Google Form backed by a Google Sheet to collect data.

    It was pretty simple once I dove in…

  • DVD Pila! Web Sockets

    Useful Software

    I’ve been going down a path of building software that people don’t use lately. To be honest I’ve been doing that a few more time than feels good to admit. I know that not everything I build will be used by a lot of people, heck most things I build aren’t even used by me, but enough is enough.

    I feel it’s time to try and only work on things that I’m getting paid for, or people will actually use.

    To that end I whipped out the DVD Pila! code and fixed some bugs and added a web socket to listen for and send events for video playback.

    My first experience with web sockets was building a realtime Note taking app for a local hackathon. It was very cool using to update a note using a web interface, Android app, and an iOS app at the same time.

    My thought is to build a DVD Pila! Remote app at some point, but the first step is to integrate a web socket server into the existing Rails app.

  • React Native Habit HTTP GET Habits

    Bringing Down the Habits

    Since we now have a server for our Habit app it makes sense, at least in my mind balls, to be able to populate the Habits from the server as well.

    Probably won’t need to pull Habits every time, cause you might want to have certain habits only on certain devices. That can always change, but it makes things simpler starting out.

  • The Hoick Habit Server Frontend

    Data Manipulation

    It didn’t take long before the need to adjust the data on the server sent by the Habit App needed to be adjusted.

    For whatever reason, ok there’s a good reason and it’s because I wasn’t careful in sending data to the server, the habit data on the server I was working with was overwritten. The feature I’m working on is to populate the Habits if the Settings for URL and Username are set and there aren’t any configured. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

    In the meantime whipping up some Node + Express + Jade templates was surprisingly very fun…

  • The Hoick Habit Server

    Serving Up Some Habits

    Since we’ve baked in the ability for the Habit App to send Habit data to a web server via HTTP POST, it only stands to reason that the next step is to develop some type of server to get the habits.

    Since I’ve been learning a lot about Node.js and React Native is sort of based on Node, well it uses npm anyway, I said to myself “self, why not whip up a Node server to save the Habit data?”.

    I started a new server to accept HTTP POST, GET, and DELETE methods. The server will save Habit data into a PouchDB database.

    Using PouchDB might give additional functionality down the road, and it’s very simple to use with JavaScript.