• React Native Habit Popups

    Are You Sure?

    The main features of the Habit app are all in place. There are a couple of things that aren’t sitting well with me though.

    One deleting a habit, reminder, etc happens instantly with no way to back out. Not so good if you accidentally touch your phone in the wrong place with the app open. To fix this we’ll set things up to use a confirmation popup before destroying any user data.

  • React Native Habit Notifications Android

    Reminders on Android

    Getting reminder notifications on iOS for the Habit app was more complicated than I thought, but learning some Objective-C and contributing to another Open Source project was fun. Always fun to learn new things.

    Now it’s time to create another platform specific component for Android reminders.

  • React Native Habit Notifications iOS

    Remind Me Now…

    The Habit is so almost done it’s not even funny. Before wrapping up the major development there’s one more feature I’d like to blast into it. It would be awesome to get a reminder for a habit.

    It’d be even more awesome to only get the reminder if the Habit hasn’t been checked off by the time of the reminder. Not sure how to accomplish that without implementing some type of Push Notification system. Don’t think I want to do that for this app because then it would have to rely on a server for key functionality.

    Instead I think we can add reminders to the built in Calendar/Reminder system for iOS and Android. We’ll have to do some code “branching” for this feature to use different components based on the device.

    Should be fun…

  • React Native Habit HTTP POST

    Syncing Habits

    Totally ready to backup the data from the Habit so we can maybe develop some cool dashboard app later on. To do this we’ll send the Habits array to a server via HTTP POST every time it’s saved.

    It’d also be good to check the server for some Habits if there aren’t any configured and there is a URL for a sync location setup. Which means the Habits data will need to be scoped to a User object of some type before being sent to the server.

  • React Native Habit Navigation

    Getting Around

    I know that last time I ended with wanting to be able to upload the Habits the app has been tracking to a web server of some type, but once I started diving into how that would actually work I realized that it would clutter the main screen somewhat to add another form.

    Instead of mucking around with more forms and buttons on the main screen we’ll use React Native Navigator to create a new Settings screen where we can add a URL and such for saving our habit’s progress.

    Might also move the Habit form to it…